90: Steakon

ROAD TRIP TALK, and World Cup, and NBA Finals, and Godzill and reboots. Watch the Spurs yo. Watch Godzilla, and Hannibal.

The Deranged Pengwin Podcast is recorded in San Antonio, Texas with ingredients from Denton, Tx and Richmond, VA. Recorded Weekly, and put out into the great cauldron that is the internet. Grab a bowl and take a seat!

This week:

  • Road Trip Recap
  • World Cup
  • NBA Finals
  • Godzilla and Reboots

Things To Do:

    • Watch the Spurs beat down on the Heat
    • Watch Godzilla
    • Watch Hannibal

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Drink like us:

  • Adam & Jeana drank tea, mate
  • Dell & Brad drank beer, the drunks!