148: No Vacancy

The Deranged Pengwin Podcast is recorded in San Antonio, Texas with ingredients from Denton, TX and Richmond, VA. Recorded Weekly and delivered weekly via your sweet old nan-nan and pop-pop! What do you say?

This week:

  • Adam and the Pope in DC
    • The Pope-mobile
    • Per diem use
    • The short but eventful Uber ride
  • Dell’s taken up bodybuilding
  • Brad’s in Gulf Shores, Alabama
    • Traveling with kids
  • Lofty Dreams and Regrets
  • Jeana’s womb is newly occupied
  • Fantasy Football recap
  • Names for parents

Jeana’s Movie Pick: Mr. Mom.

(Not Mr. Nanny, with Racist Hogan)


Drink like us:

  • Dell was spilling enough wine for us all

Things To Do:

  • Watch the movie by next week!

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