171: Coffee Correspondent

The Deranged Pengwin Podcast is recorded in San Antonio, Texas with ingredients from Denton, TX and Richmond, VA. Recorded weekly and delivered to you via single group head espresso machine. Stir the shot, or not, then enjoy!

This week:

  • 0 – Recap, witching hour, Dell in a less resonant room, Brad is #dell, our morning zoo, Silicon Valley jacket
  • 5 – Indulging Dell with a recurring coffee segment
  • 7 – Coffee Correspondent Colton, Estate Coffee Company, slow coffee
  • 10 – Single group Slayer espresso machine, creating the vibe
  • 13 – Third vs fourth wave coffee shops
  • 17 – Espresso presentation, debate on proper way to enjoy
  • 22 – How to tell if a shot was pulled well
  • 26 – Drawbacks of knowing too much, chasing the “ist”
  • 30 – Coffee destination episodes
  • 31 – Checking in with Jeana the Dairy Cow, going with the flow
  • 34 – Restaurants closed on Mondays
  • 36 – Jeana kills house plants, thirsty dogs story
  • 39 – Adam gets sweat in the baby’s eye, hurting or startling babies
  • 43 – Coffee in Mississippi, cold brew coffee, pour overs
  • 49 – Pipes, cigars and whiskey
  • 52 – Unaffordable wine hobby, building up to the pricey stuff
  • 54 – Wrap up and shout out

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Check out the full first write-up below from our new coffee correspondent, Colton.

Coffee Correspondent Colton

    There are numerous and highly subjective criterion used to judge espresso. I’ll do my best to avoid roaming into that area and instead focus on a few broad categories: equipment, presentation, and taste.

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170: Slouch Cap Coffee Myths

Oh man we bought a slouch cap and read Lifehacker’s Myths about Coffee

The Deranged Pengwin Podcast is recorded in San Antonio, Texas with ingredients from Denton, TX and Richmond, VA. Recorded weekly and delivered to you via novelty pen. Write your dreams!

This week:

  • 0 – Recap, tambourine man, piano man, hey dj play that song, follow up, house keeping items
  • 5 – incident of vandalism, breaking cars, the brighter side of vandalism,
  • 6 – Human Doing vs Human Being, The Messenger is the movie you should pay to watch for only $4. Do not be a lame.
  • 8 – Work daily grind, back to work items, MORE COFFEE TALK, what makes a good coffee shop vs what makes a coffee shop with good coffee
  • 12 – Generic Hacky Morning Zoo Topic List – Lifehacker Article Four Myths of Drinking Coffee — We comment on the four myths, including how it doesn’t make you sober, how Jeana thinks it actually made her dehydrated, ads that trick you (and that have to be quirky)
  • 20 – “I love milk. I doesn’t do nuthing to me”, lactose intolerance. Childish humor. Fart jokes, booty trumpets, fart extinguishers, Wayside School Is Falling Down reference,
  • 23 – Espresso myth, people who say Exxxxpresssstooo.
  • 25 – We make ill-informed cirrhosis comments. The right moods for espresso
  • 27 – Human Being not just a Human Doing.
  • 29 – Slouch Cap talk. We bought a slouch cap embroidered with the logo of the podcast. It’s cool but do you think it is cool?
  • 31 – What swag is cool?
  • 32 – $20 is a lot for any cap, says Dell, ideal price points for cool things
  • 34 – Dell wants this from some other podcast
  • 35 – Dell derails the podcast with some weirdness. Then explains himself.
  • 37 – Call to action. Stupid ideas.
  • 41 – Polo shirts are ugly. Especially the one you own. How to dress like an adult from barely adult people.
  • 45 – When is the Witching Hour? Twilight, dusk, 3am, midnight. How were we so sexist and oppressive to women?!
  • 49 – Wrap up and goodbyes.

Also Dell wants to to know that if you aren’t Oprah, ‘be yourself’ is terrible advice. Read the NYTimes thing below.

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