195: Vats of Things, Drums of Flour

The Deranged Pengwin Podcast is recorded in San Antonio, Texas with ingredients from Dent
on, TX and Richmond, VA. Recorded bi-weekly and delivered via podcast! Literally!

This week on America’s Greatest Podcast, we discuss

Harps are they really cries for attention? What about an earth harp? This earth harp provides musical undertones throughout the show. The cast is ungrateful for it.

Later, we discuss House Speaker Paul Ryan and Donny Trump’s faceplant and a little more on the AHCA.

Do you like the TI-108? I do. Weren’t protractors cool? Yes? You should listen to this part (5min)

At the 13 min mark we discuss overstorytelling and the effect it is having on your purchasing decisions. Also someone says “tomatoes are the dogs of the world” and means it. Brad reveals himself as an entrepreneur.

The rest of the show includes mentions of the Anthony Jeselnik show in SA, Wonder Woman, and a lengthy discussion of home movies, Síclovía and biking in this modern world.

Later, Gina reveals her latent gift for etymology.

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172: Jones Johnson

The Deranged Pengwin Podcast is recorded in San Antonio, Texas with ingredients from Denton, TX and Richmond, VA. Recorded weekly and delivered to you via bicycle rickshaw. Settle in for a bumpy ride!

This week:

  • 0 – Brad’s back, #dell, summer solstice
  • 3 – GSW v Cavs Finals talk
    • Usher, Cleveland, rigged games, LeBron James, predictions, Bulls fans
  • 17 – Recap of 171
  • 18 – Brad’s take on espresso, no fourth wave coffee shops in Richmond
  • 20 – Kid update
    • Kids are stupid, smiles keep you going, battle of the wills
  • 27 – Riding the school bus, public transportation
  • 34 – Public schooling, ideal world v reality, how to fix the problem
  • 46 – What’s the worst school you would allow your kid to attend?
  • 48 – Richmond’s rampant heroine problem
  • 49 – Movie Pick Reminder: The Messenger
  • 50 – Jeana’s killing the mom game, dad bod
  • 52 – Father’s Day
  • 55 – Riding bikes with kids, gear options
  • 59 – Minor league sporting events
  • 61 – Basketball stats ridiculousness, comparing players across eras
  • 67 – Obsession with professional perfection
  • 68 – Wrap up

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