Mishap Brings Forth Eratta

So we sat down and started recording another episode of the Deranged Pengwin Podcast. Apparently I didn’t do the greatest job of sound checking and so we recorded an entire show with only half of the audio. That means you can hear Gina and I discuss this week’s topics but not Brad and Dell.

That sounds like an improvement. 

I know right? Apparently some people disagree. We collectively decided that it would be kind of hilarious to post the show as is. You’ll be able to hear Gina and I sing somewhere toward the end if you are so inclined.

Next week I promise to do a better job of recording Dell and Brad. Maybe.

If you want to follow along, the chat, a few links, and a picture follow. Fill in the conversation yourself and let us know what you would have said.

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i dont understand why we’re ****ing with this chat shit

[8/14/12 8:04:39 PM] Brad Paulk: http://www.usatoday.com/tech/science/space/story/2012-08-14/NASA-geek-chic/57056396/1?loc=interstitialskip
[8/14/12 8:04:55 PM] Brad Paulk: more geek normal society fusion stuff
[8/14/12 8:19:08 PM] Riddell999: HEY
[8/14/12 8:19:12 PM] Riddell999: NO SOUNDS
[8/14/12 8:19:50 PM] Riddell999: i have funk in my brain
[8/14/12 8:19:59 PM] Riddell999: when did you play that disney tune?
[8/14/12 8:23:14 PM] Riddell999: http://gawker.com/spider-in-ear/
[8/14/12 8:23:15 PM] Riddell999: http://gawker.com/spider-in-ear/
[8/14/12 8:23:16 PM] Riddell999: http://gawker.com/spider-in-ear/
[8/14/12 8:23:17 PM] Riddell999: http://gawker.com/spider-in-ear/
[8/14/12 8:23:16 PM] Riddell999: http://gawker.com/spider-in-ear/
[8/14/12 8:23:17 PM] Riddell999: http://gawker.com/spider-in-ear/
[8/14/12 8:23:18 PM] Riddell999: http://gawker.com/spider-in-ear/
[8/14/12 8:23:46 PM] Riddell999: HAI GAIZ
[8/14/12 8:23:54 PM] Riddell999: I PUT A LINK IN YOUR CHATS

[8/14/12 8:41:29 PM] Riddell999: Human lice are blood-sucking nuisances and a cause of social embarrassment. In the U.S., the head louse is by far of greatest importance because of its common and widespread occurrence, especially among children. None of the human lice are known to be vectors of disease agents in Indiana.

In other regions of the world, the body louse is the vector of three human diseases. Historically, epidemic typhus fever and epidemic relapsing fever have caused devastating outbreaks, primarily associated with disasters such as war, but also with natural disasters such as earthquakes and hurricanes. The third disease transmitted by body lice is a non-fatal infection known as “trench fever.” All three diseases are associated with situations in which humans are crowded together under conditions where sanitation is severely limited or non-existent.
[8/14/12 8:43:21 PM] Riddell999: i need to piss too
[8/14/12 8:43:40 PM] Riddell999: and i need to do it in a toilet, so that i can be sanitary and not get lice
[8/14/12 8:44:35 PM] Riddell999: http://thegreentoilet.blogspot.com/2008/02/so-why-is-toilet-paper-white-anyway.html
[8/14/12 8:51:58 PM] Riddell999:




When Technology Fails

Hey! Guess what? I lost an entire 50 minutes of quality podcasting! Yeah, as we were wrapping up this week’s podcast, my dogs ran over the surge protector and hit the switch. Unfortunately, I was too caught up in laughing to notice that I hadn’t saved the show nearly as frequently as I normally do.

Just know that we gathered together for deranged pengwin podcast-ness and hit record for 50 minutes of hilarity.

Then I fugged up.

So it goes. We will attempt to re-create the magic this weekend when we recover.