59: Road Pirates

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This week on the Greatest Podcast You’ve Never Heard we talked welcome Dell back to the show, talk Breaking Bad, Tiny Tables in restaurants, Rules of Karaoke, and Dell fires a band member, and talks about his adventures

***Skip to 7:40 to avoid Breaking Bad spoilers***


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Dell drank his Dirty Blonde Summer beer.

One thought on “59: Road Pirates”

  1. For the Record, I haven’t heard Dell in like forever, its great to hear you man!

    I appreciate the Breaking Bad series, but to be honest my wife is more of an addict for the show than I am. It sounds like you should have changed the name of this podcast to “Breaking Brad” what the crap is he doing working out during the podcast!!! Multi-tasker! Walt is a product of his environment, fight or flight…He chose to fight. When people become involved in a cause or a job it changes how you view the world around you.

    Unfortunately, I am blessed with the curse of remembering every movie I see. The Wraith, yeah it is a bad movie compared with the movies today, but it was bad ass during the day. Not only was it bad ass but it had a hot chick in it! Sure, no one knew who Charlie Sheen, Carlos Danger, or Carlos Estevez was but it had a cool car and some dumbass drinking anti-freeze “Skank”….What more can you demand from an 80’s movie…Ask someone what cool movies came out of the 80’s, The Wraith, Rad, Breakfast Club, Weird Science, and the Breakfast Club!!!! If you really need to understand the quality of the Wraith all you need to do is look as far as the villain’s name “Packard”, his parents obviously didn’t like him. My favorite character, besides “Carrie” has got to be Ron Howard’s brother! Can’t say i remember his name but we affectionately refer to him as Ron Howard’s brother because that is the basis of his entire acting career.

    By the way, if people die during a movie don’t you think it would be more meaningful to have a tribute to the people who died rather than forgetting everything and just remembering them for the guys who almost made a movie?

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