50: Third Place is You’re Fired

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This week on the Greatest Podcast You’ve Never Heard we have a conversation about Glengarry Glenross, NSA spying, the workplace and more. Enjoy!

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One thought on “50: Third Place is You’re Fired”

  1. Third prize is your fired! So glad y’all watched GGGR. Corporate America is cutthroat, uncaring, disgusting, racist, insert all 7 deadly sins here. I would imagine it was worse back then! I think it has changed a little today, organizations are more careful in order to avoid public scrutiny and legal action. That kind of stuff obviously still goes on. The movie (play) was ahead of its time really identifying these ills. The subject of time catching up with individuals is very diificult to digest because we will all eventually be there. No Country for Old Men covered this topic recently. As humans it is inevitable that we will no longer be able to perform tasks. Realizing it is soul crushing. I enjoy listening thanks!

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