18: Grilled Cheese

Links from the Week
Organic tomatoes better for you than non-organic


Mean Green Nation
Coker Chronicles
Dell’s new band is called 5000 Bullets

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Organic Tomatoes


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Music: “Nina’s Dream” Clint Mansell and “Bitch” Meredith Brooks

3 thoughts on “18: Grilled Cheese”

  1. Totally agree, anything you buy at a restaurant, or food truck, should be bigger or better than something you would regularly make at your house. For future field trips to the food truck, or any restaurant for that matter, it might be beneficial to create a couple of business cards that have “Food Safety” in the title. For compliance reason I would stay away from formal titles but then again I am also not going to hit up the food truck for lunch.
    Spring line-up at the box office is looking outstanding this summer, Dark Knight, Savages, Ted, and Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter are some of the ones I would like to see. Just saw Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter the other day and was very entertained by it!

    Food for thought, going to send Dell an atlas or at the very least a link to a geographical representation of the continental United States so he can see where the Mid-West is located! Nothin but love for you man!

    The podcast is sounding good! Keep it up!

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