178: Nebulous Mush

The Deranged Pengwin Podcast is recorded in San Antonio, Texas with ingredients from Denton, TX and Richmond, VA. Recorded weekly and delivered to you via diving Olympic sprinters. Go for the gold!

This week:

  • 1m – Olympics talk
    • 2m – Joe Posnanski on our tendency towards criticism
    • 6m – Origins of the steeplechase
    • 8m – Adam v Jeana 400m race challenge
    • 9m – In which Olympic event could you compete?
    • 10m – Justin Gatlin juice man?
    • 12m – Track and diving to the finish
    • 15m – Whitewashing of Olympic events
    • 16m – Goober masters art of archery
  • 20m – Serial drama discussion
    • 21m – The Night Of
    • 22m – Aziz Ansari is less annoying in Master of None
    • 24m – The myth of the Golden Age
    • 29m – Shows with a complete story arc
    • 32m – Planning shows for syndication
    • 34m – The life cycle of art
    • 37m – What attracts you to new shows?
  • 44m – Netflix Pick: Donald Trump’s The Art of the Deal
  • 45m – Forgetting to write things down
  • 46m to end – Wrap Up
    • 46m – Dell’s nephew is a savant of comic book characters
    • 47m – Denton changes

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