175: Trump Card

We talk about cold brew coffee and the fate of the American two-party system

The Deranged Pengwin Podcast is recorded in San Antonio, Texas with ingredients from Denton, TX and Richmond, VA. Recorded weekly and delivered to you via cold brew coffee from Dell’s fridge. Enjoy the gritty!

This week:

  • 1m – Feedback discussion / greatest american hero
  • 6m – listener edification
  • 9m – Ghostbusters / meh
  • 12m – Iced Coffee Discussion / How to make it / differences / Cold brew / Dell’s set up
  • 19m – Ars Technica article and music discussion / link / these kinds of studies and the problem with them / universality of music
  • 28m – Donald Trump / New Yorker article on Trump / vox’s article on the thirty-year-campaign that brought about trump / what brought this about and what will happen
  • 40m – slossfest was not awful / what the artists said / best breweries in the countries?
  • 42m – psychological benefits of writing regularly / writing / the drawbacks of writing physical letters / ascrutin’ / is it writing or meditating? /
  • 48m – movie pick: fundamentals of caring / you have two weeks to watch it / get your august on /
  • 50m – david o’doherty / baron vaughn
  • 51m to end – slack / cross talk / randomness / accents / tv / the night of is good / mr robot is okay so far / what is a great show to jeana? / mildly interested / dissonent singing / death cab for cutie was exceptional #slossfest / monophonics / feedback call to action / birmingham is cool, man / gainsville / making plans / brad sings you a lullaby

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photo credit: MikePence-DonaldTrump via photopin (license)

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