170: Slouch Cap Coffee Myths

Oh man we bought a slouch cap and read Lifehacker’s Myths about Coffee

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This week:

  • 0 – Recap, tambourine man, piano man, hey dj play that song, follow up, house keeping items
  • 5 – incident of vandalism, breaking cars, the brighter side of vandalism,
  • 6 – Human Doing vs Human Being, The Messenger is the movie you should pay to watch for only $4. Do not be a lame.
  • 8 – Work daily grind, back to work items, MORE COFFEE TALK, what makes a good coffee shop vs what makes a coffee shop with good coffee
  • 12 – Generic Hacky Morning Zoo Topic List – Lifehacker Article Four Myths of Drinking Coffee — We comment on the four myths, including how it doesn’t make you sober, how Jeana thinks it actually made her dehydrated, ads that trick you (and that have to be quirky)
  • 20 – “I love milk. I doesn’t do nuthing to me”, lactose intolerance. Childish humor. Fart jokes, booty trumpets, fart extinguishers, Wayside School Is Falling Down reference,
  • 23 – Espresso myth, people who say Exxxxpresssstooo.
  • 25 – We make ill-informed cirrhosis comments. The right moods for espresso
  • 27 – Human Being not just a Human Doing.
  • 29 – Slouch Cap talk. We bought a slouch cap embroidered with the logo of the podcast. It’s cool but do you think it is cool?
  • 31 – What swag is cool?
  • 32 – $20 is a lot for any cap, says Dell, ideal price points for cool things
  • 34 – Dell wants this from some other podcast
  • 35 – Dell derails the podcast with some weirdness. Then explains himself.
  • 37 – Call to action. Stupid ideas.
  • 41 – Polo shirts are ugly. Especially the one you own. How to dress like an adult from barely adult people.
  • 45 – When is the Witching Hour? Twilight, dusk, 3am, midnight. How were we so sexist and oppressive to women?!
  • 49 – Wrap up and goodbyes.

Also Dell wants to to know that if you aren’t Oprah, ‘be yourself’ is terrible advice. Read the NYTimes thing below.

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