169: BabyCation

End of BabyCation, Hobbies, books, and the perils of taking comedians too seriously

The Deranged Pengwin Podcast is recorded in San Antonio, Texas with ingredients from Denton, TX and Richmond, VA. Recorded weekly and delivered to you via book on cassette tape. Rewind!

This week:

  • 0 – hanging out. feed back and follow up on last episode, more stroller talk (not having one)
  • 6 – steak talk, smoking up your entire, getting a good sear, adjusting to a new stove, steak thickness and more,
  • 10 – end of babycation. Regrets, lessons, and more. The ideal time to take off. Vacation Eyes,
  • 16 – back to work. returning to work after vacation.
  • 20 – sports minute –
  • 21 – MLS and world soccer is trying to get in your wallet.
  • 23 – Car troubles, MLS, getting hobbies and following through with them. Including book reading. Jeana has been reading Chronicles of Narnia for 10 years. What percentage of books in your personal library have you finished in their entirety? Comparing reading percentages.
  • 30 – Don’t be afraid of your hobbies. Are books on tape the same as reading? Or is it just podcasting?
  • 33 – the differences between media (books vs comics vs campfire vs movies)
  • 36 – Jeana picks a movie — The Messenger (2009)
  • 38 – picking movies in general. being forced to watch movies.
  • 40 – ARTICLE – Comediens finally taking on motherhood. Ally Wong, Catastophe, Motherhood, pregnancy,
  • 44 – The nature of comedy, cycles, new territory, overhyping the importance of comediens,
  • 48 – making entertainers cultural critcs when they can just be entertainers
  • 50 – finding fertile soil for comedy, Game of Thrones is actually just a new spin on old fantasy tropes,
  • 53 – How will GOT end? bittersweet, resolution, the best way to end this thing,
  • 56 – Wrapping it all up.

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