167: Roast My Coffee Freshly

We check in with the new parents, but mostly talk about coffee.

The Deranged Pengwin Podcast is recorded in San Antonio, Texas with ingredients from Denton, TX and Richmond, VA. Recorded weekly and delivered to you via fresh roasted coffee. Sip the Thermos Brand cup!

This week:

  • 0-5 intros
  • 5 – Tetris and gaming your brain and TV show recommendations – The Americans, Orphan Black
  • 8 – Birthing Jeana Update. Life as a dairy cow. Dealing with newborns and the things you notice about childrens.
  • 11 – Why do we yawn?
  • 12 – Children as 90% instinct.
  • 14 – Helpful parenting tips for dudes. Parental resentment, and why you might want to murder death kill your spouse in the middle of the night. Sleeping tips.
  • 22 – The three pillars of baby-rearing for a stress free first month. Manging stress. Parental leave.
  • 30 – more Leave talk and the implications for the companies who do not have good leave policies.
  • 33 – #Dadbrain. Adam talks about how he is turning into a space brain person who doesn’t know how this world works. Lattes and frappecinos please.
  • 37 – How helpful has Adam been to Jeana? Also mail box meals.
  • 41 – coffee talk, how to make it, how to compromise on quality, the best brands, the worst stuff. The bad coffee at Local Coffee in SA.
  • 58 – The implications of really getting into things, and how it ruins the Regular stuff.
  • 1:02 – Farther or Further?
  • 1:04 – dream jobs aren’t so dreamy
  • 1:05 – Civilization, farming, and removing ourselves from the basic lessons of living. Is that good, bad, or neither. Jeana makes a good point about 1:12
  • 1:21 – end.

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One thought on “167: Roast My Coffee Freshly”

  1. Timeline of show is a nice touch. Coffee talk is cool. I geeked out on it even more early this year. Keurig is shit! French press is great. Aeropress is next level. Fresh ground beans (manual burr grinder) are great. Freshly roasted beans are next level. Dell is great. Baby Penelope is next level!

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