157: Buy My Floocen

Snow on the east coast! How did Brad deal with it?!

The Deranged Pengwin Podcast is recorded in San Antonio, Texas with ingredients from Denton, TX and Richmond, VA. Recorded weekly and delivered via sequel. Please enjoy the same thing but with Rosie O’Donnell though.

This week:

  • 156 Recap
  • Hunger Nausea; It’s a thing
  • Dell started teaching youth while dressed in a cardigan
  • Jeana wants to talk about movie sequels
    • Re-creations suck; 27 Land Before Time movies!
    • Kung Fury (Dell’s recommendation)
  • Blizzard Brad
    • Cabin Fever
    • Helpful neighbors, do you ‘owe’ them
      • tokens of appreciation, are they decorated?
  • Spurs lost to GSW and Adam is sad. Forever
    • Fire everyone

Drink like us:

  • Adam had brandy this week, Brad. Everyone had water.

Things To Do:

  • Watch a movie
  • Feedback

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