150: Good Morrow

The Deranged Pengwin Podcast is recorded in San Antonio, Texas with ingredients from Denton, TX and Richmond, VA. Recorded Weekly and delivered weekly via hungry, bloated pregnant woman in frumpy overalls.

This week:

  • Reorienting
  • The Ancestry DNA Results
    • Adam is from the Americas
    • Jeana is part British
    • Compiling family history
  • Jeana’s pregnancy check-in
  • Dell’s adventures in larping and home brewing
  • Mile High Club
  • Fantasy Football
  • UNT at Hattiesburg

Drink like some of us:

  • Brad sprung for a Sierra Nevada Oktober Fest
  • Dell enjoyed an Irish stout

Things To Do:

  • Take a look at our Fantasy Football league
  • Join the Sky Rim club

▶ Play The Episode Here

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