147: Moon Sam

Brad is back and we talk about passive-aggressive feedback.

The Deranged Pengwin Podcast is recorded in San Antonio, Texas with ingredients from Denton, TX and Richmond, VA. Recorded Weekly and delivered weekly via subscription that is piling up! Catch up! The next one is here!

This week:

  • Brad is back! And Stubbly
  • Shaving your face; Dollar shave club
  • Fantasy Football Recap and Preview
  • Clock ‘bomb’ kid in Irving
  • Victorian era-obsessed people
    • Romanticzising the past
  • Passive-aggressive criticism
  • 146 Recap
  • Dallas Rip for UNT v SMU; Mean Green Nation
  • A / C Drama with Dell
  • Brad’s house drama w A / C

Jeana’s Movie Pick: Mr. Mom.

(Not Mr. Nanny, with Racist Hogan)


Drink like us:

  • Everyone was sober

Things To Do:

  • Call your Grandparents

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photo credit: If you make that face for too long it will get stuck like that – 126/365 via photopin (license)

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