132: Beachin

Beach trip, daughter cussin’, family meetings, sci-fi and more!

The Deranged Pengwin Podcast is recorded in San Antonio, Texas with ingredients from Denton, Tx and Richmond, VA. Recorded Weekly and delivered via family member’s rambling guilt trip! Why don’t you visit more often?

This week:

  • 131 Recap
  • 2 Min Hate:
    • Brad broke his kid’s sleeping habit
    • Jeana surprised her mom
    • Adam is sunburnt and topless
  • GoT: MadMen
  • Brad got a free Schwinn
  • Jeana missed a flight
    • Airline policies; Alamo drafthouse
  • The problems with hanging with family
  • Simon Pegg’s article on sci-fi
  • Memorial Day
  • Netflix Movie segment returns next week!
  • Summer Reading List
    • Tibetan Peach Pie — Tom Robbins
    • Pillars of the Earth


Drink like us:

  • Adam and Jeana: Water after Old Fashioneds and Sake
  • Brad had . . . ?

Things To Do:

  • Feed back
  • Give me your summer movie list
  • Figure out the quote at the end of the podcast

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photo credit: 1950 Girls Schwinn Spitfire via photopin (license)

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