118: Nessie on the Grassy Noll

New episode where we go with topics suggested to us from listeners. We do our best. Because Nessie made us.

The Deranged Pengwin Podcast is recorded in San Antonio, Texas with ingredients from Denton, Tx and Richmond, VA. Recorded Weekly and delivered via the Loch Ness Monster’s radio antennae! Listen as Nessie regales you of her assassination missions!

This week:

  • 117 Recap
  • #Dell
  • Cuba — so now they get new cars?
  • Conspiracy Theories — what do you do when someone is talking about them
  • Richard Sherman — do you hate?
  • Seattle or NE? — Who do you love?
    • #DeflateGate — the stupidest thing ever
    • Censoring Athletes — let them crotch grab
    • unreasonable fans and their ridiculous expectations
  • 1 week to Brad’s stand up comedy show!
    • McCormick’s Irish Pub
  • Kevin Hart in Austin — we are going!
  • David Feinstein is a famous guy and he has weird self-help CDs.
  • CEOs — do we need them?

Things To Do:

  • Avoid telling people your conspiracy theories.
  • Subscribe
  • Get someone to subscribe
  • Get a podcast app on your phone
  • Board
  • Tell me why, exactly, Royal Rumble was not good?


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Drink like us:

  • Adam and Jeana had water and wine.
  • Brad had a Natty Lite

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