10: Trainspotting, Dog Food, and Automobiles

We watched Trainspotting, talked about proper dog food for dogs, and the disappointment of not being a professional athlete. Also, how long should you breast feed your 13-yo kid.

Also, This Week in Impending Fatherhood!


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2 thoughts on “10: Trainspotting, Dog Food, and Automobiles”

  1. I am just catching up on some of these podcasts, but i got to tell you they are getting better and better! i like the integration of the musical intro and i think the titles are catchy. The material and topics are very entertaining and i like the exchanges between the people on the podcast.

    To be honest, i was not much of a fan of the Trainspotting movie either. in fact it was one of those few movies i could not bare to waste any of my time watching. However, i did think the dialogue on Dog food and the sidebar of football were really entertaining! I am linking Deranged Pengwin podcast through my social networks. keep up the good work.

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